Valtrex – One Drug With Variety Uses

Treating herpes and cold sores with Valtrex

This is the used for treating herpes as well as it is very effective for cold sores treatment. Although herpes and cold sores are medically different conditions, the virus that gives birth to both diseases fall in the same family of microbes.

Basically, Medicine is used for cold sores among children of 12-13 years of age. This medicine is also very effective in treating chicken pox among new-born babies.

Human skin is the breeding ground for herpes virus and it is a contagious disease. Its a checks the growth rate of bacteria that causes herpes and cold sores.

The medical name for Valtrex is valacyclovir hcl that is available under many brand names.

For the uninitiated, valacyclovir 500 mg dosage can pose a few reactions if they had not used medicine before. Thus, starters can use a dose of sub-250 mg to avoid any possible risks of this drug long term side effects. The American FDA has approved the wide  spread use of this medication.

One of the top selling medicines online

In a recent survey, it was found that Valtrex is the second most ordered medicine in North America. The approval of government medical agencies (like FDA etc.) in three major countries of North America has pushed the valacyclovir online sales to unparalleled heights.

Cold sores treatment

For cold sores treatment, it is the most preferred drug. Add to that, its easy availability online has made it famous with masses. Doctors who were once hesitant about the drug are themselves recommending it. Although vast chunk of doctors are permitting it for children as well, there are few practitioners who say otherwise.  They argue that medicine long term side effects are still not known, so why risk anything? Apart from the minority, It has become the darling drug for treating herpes and cold sores.

Genital herpes treatment

About 60% of the medicine online buyers use it for treating normal type of herpes. There is query among majority of buyers whether medicine treats genital herpes as well. Well, as doctors say, genital herpes take a very long time to cure but there was a case in Minnesota who had actually cured genital herpes by valacyclovir alone, so given the case study, it can cure genital herpes. There have been many more successful cases that have been using Valtrex for genital herpes treatment.

Is doctor prescription essential for medicine?

Its can be bought without prescription and there are very seldom chances of side effects if taken in recommended limits. But still, it is better to get a medical supervision before trying it on children. Although it is allowed to use valacyclovir without prescription, but to be on the safer side and avoid slightest hints of side effects, see a doctor before doing any self-medication.

Low costs

Now let us talk about the cost part. How much does the Valtrex cost? The online medicine cost is now a days slight lesser than local chemist stores, few of them as low as 15 USD. Also, the discounts and offers bring the medicines cost further downwards, occasionally.