Valacyclovir HCL – Treat Herpes, Shingles & Cold Sores

Valtrex, known generically as Valacyclovir HCL, is an anti viral medication used in the treatment of the herpes zoster (shingles) virus and the genital herpes virus. While Valtrex cannot cure herpes, it can help significantly with the itching, sores, pain and discomfort associated with herpes outbreaks and can prevent new sores from being formed. Occasionally, Valtrex is also prescribed for other uses. It can be used to treat cold sores and chicken pox, and has uses in the management of HIV. It is taken once a day regardless of whether an outbreak of herpes is currently being experienced.

Where to Buy Valtrex (Valacyclovir HCL) Online ?
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Why is Valtrex Effective?

Valtrex interferes with the way the herpes virus spreads in the body. It slows down the reproduction process of the virus and can help stop it from being spread to other cells in the body. When taking daily, Valtrex helps to keep the genital herpes virus suppressed, reducing the number of potential outbreaks. When taken for other issues such as cold sores, Valtrex shortens the lifespan of the outbreak. After Valtrex has been absorbed into the body, it looks for the herpes virus and actively goes after it.

Why Buy Generic Valtrex

The generic form of Valtrex is Valacyclovir HCL. Generic drugs have to pass the same strict government standards as brand name drugs. They are FDA and World Health Organization approved. Buying generic Valtrex saves a significant amount of money on each purchase and on a month to month basis.

What To Do Before you Take Valtrex

a. Calm yourself. It is quite likely that you may not have herpes. Valtrex works on many different ailments and is not just approved for use for genital herpes. It is a strong medication with a powerful effect on the body, so just because your problem is going away when using Valtrex, does not necessarily mean you have herpes.

b. Do your research online. Read about the signs and symptoms of herpes, how it is contracted and spread, and what you need to do if you think you might have it. Being informed is the first step towards protecting yourself.

c. If you still think you have herpes, go to a doctor and get a blood test. Culture tests have been known to be inaccurate and you want to make sure you have accurate results. Make sure your doctor tests for all strains of herpes, as there are more than 5 different types of herpes and knowing the specific type is important in treatment.

d. If you determine that you have herpes, it’s certainly not the end of the world. Some statistics suggest as much as 25% of the population has the herpes virus in some form. It is, however, the socially conscious thing to do to try and determine who or where you contracted herpes from and to inform any involved parties. Everyone should be tested and treated if necessary to prevent further spreading of the virus.